Kopparberg Hard Pear

Fresh and thirst-quenching we have carefully selected only the best pears to produce this lightly sweet Perry cider. The alcohol is exceptionally well integrated with only a hint of warmth in the body to distinguish it from traditional Kopparberg Pear.

Food pairing

Braised Chicken Breast Fillets (Compliments lighter white meats with its fruit subtlety).

Tasting notes

Appearance: Champagne
ABV: 7.0%
Style: Medium Sweet
Aroma: Hard Pear has candy pear notes on aroma and a hint of fresh mint, possibly ester derived.
Flavour: A Light green tinged, champagne appearance with medium carbonation. The palate is distinctly pear, with a caramelised sugar note, medium light in body, with light lingering sweetness on the finish.