Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime

With a light and floral taste and the extra zing from a hefty squeeze of lime, Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime is a secret worth discovering. Pour over chunks of ice and enjoy with a thin slice of cucumber…or strawberry for that sweeter taste.

Available in different ABV and packaging.

Food pairing

Thai food, (compliments chilli lime exceptionally well).

Tasting notes

Appearance: Clear with soft green hues
Style: Medium Sweet
Aroma: Elderflower, Lime, Gooseberry, Pear Ester, Apple.
Flavour: Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime is beautifully balanced with the apple. While the cider is sweet as the style commands, the finish remains clean and refreshing. There is some residual sweetness and light lingering apple notes contrasting with the citrus and lime carrying through the palate to balance, the sweetness with a natural acid.